Nashed Money Market

Liquidation-Free Borrow/Lending
Welcome the Nashed, the first Liquidation free Money Market!
This is a product of Itos Finance, explore there to learn more about the underlying tech and others in our family of products.

What does liquidation free mean?

Exactly that. No substitutions, no tokens, no gimmicks.
Borrow/Lend and then lock in your position with perpetual insurance. As long as your original position is solvent, no matter what the utilization goes to, we make sure you can come back to your portfolio and it'll still be there like you left it.
Nothing is free in real finance and this is no exception. The perpetual insurance charges a funding rate. Fortunately, in most situations that funding rate is on the order of borrow/lending rates so it is often very affordable and sometimes even pays for itself.
Learn more here: Liquidation-Free

How do I use it?

It's not any different than the money markets you might be used to, but you'll notice there are a few more features and LOTS more tokens you can use as collateral.
  • Borrow/Lend just like you're used to.
  • Transmute: You can convert Isolated token collaterals into cross-margining ones with Itos Takers.
  • Portfolio Lock: Guarantee your entire portfolio against liquidations. Charges an insurance fee where 90% of the cost only applies if you actually need it. If you never use it, it stays extremely cheap.
  • Pair Secure: Guarantee a single borrow with a single collateral deposit. Cheaper alternative to Portfolio Locking.
Learn more at: How to Use

How does it work?

This is an Itos protocol and it uses the Itos Convex primitive to provide affordable on-demand insurance. The Itos Taker acts like a synthetic perpetual option, which only pays the majority of its fees if it's actually used. We use the Itos Portfolio Manager to combine the borrow and lending done on Nashed with Itos Takers to guarantee they stay liquidation free.
Learn more here: How does it work?
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